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Meghan McCain receives LBJ Liberty and Justice for All Award on behalf of father

Davis said the Arizona state senator was often honorable to a fault, suggesting that McCain may have conceded his chance at the 2000 presidency by pulling negative ads in order to uphold his ideals during what Davis described as one of the “nastiest” presidential campaigns. “I appealed to him; I said, ‘Senator if we pull these http://pokerukr.envision-web.com ads, we're gonna lose South Carolina, there’s no way we’re gonna win,’” Davis said. Davis said that the senator responded by saying, “I want to run a campaign my daughter can be proud of.” Meghan McCain, who choked http://jackpotsclt.sojournals.com up while watching the recently released HBO documentary about her father, ‘John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls,’ during the award ceremony, said she doesn't want people to forget the fun side of her father. “He taught me at a young age how to play blackjack and poker, and he likes to drink vodka,” McCain said. “He’s a lot more rowdy than people recognize.” Besides addressing her belief in “American exceptionalism,” the ideology that America is a outstanding nation for its founding values including liberty and individualism, Meghan McCain said the current Donald Trump presidency changed everything in terms of her affiliation with the Republican Party. Upon accepting the award on behalf of her father, presented to her by Lyndon B. Johnson’s daughters Lynda Bird Johnson Robb and Luci Baines Johnson, McCain addressed the importance of overlooking party lines for issues of importance. “You come from a big Democratic family, I come from a big Republican family,” McCain said. “Bipartisanship can still exist in America.” Meghan McCain beamed as she spoke of her father, her personal hero who she said has fought for the freedom and democracy throughout his career, first serving in the military and then in the House and the Senate.

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Maria Hamilton, 52, of west Henrietta tried other chiropractors but has found the most success with Campanella treating her lower back pain and migraines. They focused on spinal decompression, icing and just over-the-counter medication initially for relief from a bulging disc. "It took several weeks and has been able to be managed since," she says. Neck decompression has helped her chronic migraines. "My neck gets a lot of tension and he corrects that and my upper back," says Hamilton, who has seen Campanella for about two years. "He has been fantastic." Campanella has flown his staff out previously to revel in some of his Vegas success, too. "I've had as many as 12," join him, he says, along with his family, http://vegasonlinexnr.pacificpeonies.com too. His flight and his room at Caesars properties are free because he has played enough big stakes at their other casino games (not poker) and stayed at their hotels. Campanella doesn't deny that luck is a component of poker. When a player is dealt great http://royalebetbbrq7.innoarticles.com cards, that's lucky, and if they're good players then they're almost unbeatable. But it takes stamina to stay mentally focused for what he calls "the grind." Most tournaments start at 11 a.m.

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